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 Caleb Joye Music is extremely unique and versatile.  In addition to performing solo with intimate acoustic guitar and vocals, he also offers DJ services under the alias “DJ JOYE”! According to the size and feel of your event, you may choose to book him in three different formats: 

#1- JOYE 

Dance the night away! Enjoy a DJ, and live musical experience that will bring everyone together. You are getting two very unique formats from one person; a DJ AND a live musician in one! He manages both formats systematically by feeling the crowd's energy at the time of the event, and will perhaps, start with an intimate acoustic guitar and vocal performance. This will feature stripped down soulful versions of your favorite songs to kick off the evening, and break the ice. Then as the drinks start flowing, he switch gears seamlessly to bring the attendees attention to the dance floor dance with lights and deep house dance music, while playing live electric guitar. 

The DJ and Live Musician All-In-One Advantage

The fun is just beginning because then, it's time for a live music Karaoke! This is another intimate acoustic guitar and vocal performance, but this time your guests can sing along with DJ JOYE on stage if they have registered their request on their mobile device. 

Once the party is in full effect, DJ JOYE will play the hottest (new and classic) dance music that keep you moving and feeling great! No corny middle school games or cheesy activities here! DJ JOYE brings the state of the art technology and professionalism by: 

  • Taking requests (upto 5 an hour) directly from your guests mobile device. No waiting around at the DJ booth. 
  • Providing a laser light show set to the music 
  • Paying careful attention to your agenda for the night including keeping the volume at reasonable level, and MC-ing or introducing your activities and keeping everyone's attention. 

Learn more about corporate event ideas with DJ JOYE or contact him now and receive a free quote and a special online discount! 

#2- Solo Guitarist/Vocalist 

Some events simply require a musician with an professional style and performance ability to provide ambiance for dinner or drinks. This is not a show or performance, yet attendees will still be captivated by the dynamic sound, professionalism, and inspiration Caleb provides. 

Learn more about Caleb as a Solo Guitarist/Vocalist or book him now!

#3- The Band Option 
Get ready for a rocking night! This is a night to remember as Caleb and two other musicians provide a full show or background music for your event. The band is a three piece consisting of; drums, bass, guitar and vocals. The playlist can be high energy or laid back  depending on the event theme. Some clients prefer a mixture of both if dinner is part of the event. Caleb also provides a very unique live band Karaoke option as an activity or highlight of the evening based on a limited preset playlist or  special requests if booked and discussed at least 1 month in advance. 

Learn more about The Band Option or contact Caleb now and receive a free quote and a special online discount! 

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