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Booking options

Caleb Joye is an incredibly unique and versatile performer for your venue or private event. In addition to performing as an instrumental guitarist or a singing guitarist, he also offers full band options. You can book him in three different formats depending on the size and vibe of your event. 

#1- Guitarist (Instrumental Only)

For certain events, you need a professional guitarist to create a sophisticated ambiance. Caleb's guitar playing style combines modern jazz, fusion, and pop, making it perfect for business events focused on conversation or upscale personal occasions at private clubs.

#2- Singing Guitarist 

In other events, there may be a need for a performer who can entertain guests during cocktail or dinner hours. It's important to note that the performance is not solely about 'Caleb Joye.' He recognizes the significance of maintaining a balance between personal and business objectives while keeping the event's main purpose in mind. Attendees will find themselves humming along or tapping their feet to Caleb's dynamic sound as they enjoy themselves at a birthday party or engage in conversations with clients to close a deal.  

#3- The Caleb Joye Band    
Are you planning a big night to celebrate or entertain a guest list of 35 or more? Caleb and his two fellow musicians can provide a full show or background entertainment for your event. The three-piece band consists of drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. Our playlist can be adjusted for high-energy dancing or background acoustic vibes. Some clients prefer a mixture of both, especially if dinner is part of the event.  

Learn more about The Caleb Joye Band or contact me now and receive a free quote and a special online discount!