Booking options

Caleb Joye is extremely unique and versatile for small venues and private events.  In addition to performing solo with intimate acoustic guitar and vocals, he also offers DJ and band entertainment! According to the size and feel of your event, you may choose to book him in three different formats:  

#1 - The DJ DUO 

Tired of cheesy try-hard DJs who don't know how to mix for your environment, connect with your audience, or play great music? So are we! With our new DJ DUO concept you can enjoy the full sound of a DJ, yet with a live musician who steers the show in an extremely rare and unique way. Combining the best of both sonic worlds, we intrigue the audience with improvisational DJ beats and create a real heartfelt connection to the music that only a live vocalist/guitarist can evoke.


Introducing a new nightlife concept, The DJ DUO! It features a DJ and Guitarist/vocalist who make conscious music for any occasion. The unique blend of guitar, vocals, and improvisational  DJ beats bridge the gap between a traditional DJ and a standard guitar player/vocalist for live music entertainment. "Our vision for GREAT live music sought to improve the experience of nightlife for patrons and management in two ways:

  • First and foremost the uniqueness of the duo's look and feel creates intrigue and curiosity for the listeners. This gets people in the door. 
  • Second, we bring good energy and radio-ready sound that venues need to keep customers. We believe we have solved the one or the other dilemma most venues face when choosing live music. We mix the best aspects of a DJ and musician respectively."  -Caleb 

We play to the crowd and combine live guitar looping with live DJ beats in a way that captures curiosity but also entertains without being overbearing. We use live looping to build the music into a full band sound that people are used to hearing. We don’t over-emphasize the technique or technology as some live looping artists do. We can adapt to the environment your venue has without overwhelming patrons' conversations. We take pride in an extremely well-balanced sound. Our unique sound takes classics like the Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, etc. into a new modern smooth jazz or chill sonic landscape. We understand some venues don’t require a “show” per se but rather background music. However, for others with a dedicated main stage or high-energy bar crowd, we provide the same energy as a band featuring tasteful dance beats or soaring guitar leads. Some would consider our sound to be Dance, Pop, or Deep House for these environments.   

Whether it is a small club, private event, or large corporate event, we've got it covered!  Learn more about booking availability or contact him now and receive a free quote and a special online discount! 


The DUO began in St Augustine, FL. However, each of them are from very different parts of the country. Kevin (The DJ) cut his teeth in the arts and nightlife in New Jersey, and The Guitarist - Caleb came from Nashville TN. "Our interest in timeless music is what brought us together and we have a deep connection with the nightlife scene in St Augustine. Kevin attended Flagler college and I have been a performer here for over ten years. Our influences in timeless music like Pop, classic rock, and soul, are the starting points that lead us to explore new ways to perform the music people love but with our own modern feel." Caleb says in a Youtube live stream.  

Caleb’s background in music production and engineering helped to realize the live show technology needed to combine a DJ and musician. Ableton Live music production software and hardware controllers are what make the show work.  This translates to a large diversity of musical styles we can perform and a polished sound that blends well with the venue's social dynamic. Combined with over ten years of live performance experience, we have the ability to read the crowd's musical taste and play directly to the guests.